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Kleangas Announces Strategy Going Forward


Kleangas subsidiary SCR Production's taking a Whole New Sense


KGET's New Product- MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon

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Kleangas Board of Directors oversees our First International Pellet Shipment

Loading Pellets into Shipping Containers in Gardena California then off to the Port of Long Beach, from there shipping to Korea


Kleangas Announces Pellet Deal- MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon

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  • G-PelĀ 

    G-Pel Inc., provides cleaner alternatives to coal in the form of RDF pellets. RDF Pellets can be used for heating plant boilers and for the generation of electricity. They can also act as a good substitute for coal and wood for domestic and industrial purposes. The important applications of RDF are found in the following spheres: Cement kilns, RDF power plants, Coal-fired power plants, Industrial steam/heat boilers, Pellet stoves.

  • Green Day TechnologiesĀ 

    Green Day Technologies, Inc. mission is to employ Green Technologies (clean technologies) to produce Renewable and Sustainable Energy for a cleaner planet while conserving the Earth's natural environment. Our cost effective Green Energy Technologies will efficiently help to curb the negative impacts of humans on the Earth for our generation and generations to come.

  • GDT Tribal

    GDT Tribal Services, a division of GDTTek, Inc., has been established to serve both the Native American Tribal communities, and act as liaison to the general business community that wants to provide commercial solutions for Tribal initiatives.

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